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  1. Fixed Female Hairstyle #56. New #56 Female Hairstyle. The Wild Please Patch to avoid errors. Thank you.
  2. Custom Dungeon Vanished King Instance MONSTERS Floor 1 < Lich King > Floor 2 < Valkyrie > Floor 3 < Chaos Dragon > Floor 4 < Juggernaut > Floor 5 Assassin & The King MVP DROPS < Tier 1 > Equipments Top Mid Low & Accessories Bloody Edge , Peridot , Biotite , Matchstick , Rose Quartz , Rare MvP Coin , Common MvP Coin , Dungeon Poring Coin
  3. Every 1 Hours Online = 2 Poring Coin Every 5 Hours Online = 5 Poring Coin
  4. Removal of Emperium Armors & Costume New WoE Armors
  5. Added Helms on Monster Arena Arena Points 65,000 Removed Card Monster Arena
  6. New Quest Armor Sets STR SET { Felrock } AGI SET { Wing } VIT SET { Goibniu } INT SET { Freya } DEX SET { Carasas } LUK SET { Gray }
  7. Removal of Equip to Costume System Added Vote Credit New Vending System You can now sell your items using these currency Thanos Katar Description Fixed. . Added Effect on Donate Costumes. Added Effect on Custom Dungeon Costumes. Skill Balance Arrow Vulcan (Skill ID# 394) - Increase Attack By 5% Class HP Balance Gunslinger Class - HP Increase by 10% New Quest Item Tier ll
  8. HT_ANKLESNARE Enable usage of skills while on trap. Server Restart (GMT +8) 8:00 PM Disguise announcing coordinates to nearer coor. Added Proof of Donation on Battle Royal Event. Winner Only Suggested by: marcusiixiv
  9. Neutral Potion (Misc Shop [Converter Box] ) New Quest Weapon Edited Quest Weapons Initial Effect Vicious Violin - Added 5% Increase skill damage of Arrow Vulcan Vicious Whip - Added 5% Increase skill damage of Arrow Vulcan Vicious Katar - Added 50% Soul Breaker, Greatly Increase Damage of Meteor Assault Vicious Axe - Removed 10% Cart Termination. From 75 Attack to 100 Attack Vicious Saber - Added Lv.3 Reproduce Skill. Changed Greatly Increase Backstab & Raid to 20%. [If based int is 200] - Add 25% Matk Thanatos Sword - From 5% Increase skill damage of Bowling Bash to 35% Banryu - From 20% Increase skill damage of Bowling Bash to 45% Refine +9 Vicious Violin - From 5% Increase Long Range Atk to 5% Increase skill damage of Arrow Vulcan Vicious Whip - From 5% Increase Long Range Atk to 5% Increase skill damage of Arrow Vulcan Vicious Katar - Added 5% Increase skill damage of Grimtooth , 10% Increase Skill damage of Meteor Assault , 15% Increase Skill damage of Soul Breaker. Vicious Saber - [If based int is 200] Add 5% Matk [If based str is 200] Adds 5% Atk New Donate Weapons / Shield
  10. Removed of Daily Mission Removed of Find The Mushroom Fixed Bug Automated Events. Dice / Bomb Poring New Event Automated Event: Poring Hunter Poring Catcher Jumper Event Moved to 7:30PM (GMT +8) Prize 5 Bloody Branch Modified Effects Some Quest Weapons Added Vicious Shotgun on Quest Shop Added New Weapons / Shield on Donation Shop Added 1% Drop on Satan Morroc. (Black Valkyrie, Armor , Shoes, Shield, Manteau) Splendide / Manuk. Warp Enabled. (Fields Included) if we missed some maps. Kindly use @request. Added Emperium Aegir Helm on WoE Shop Ifrit Card Skill Earthquake modified Future Updates!! Quest Tier 2 Accessories
  11. US Channel is now Fixed. For better gaming experience
  12. GvG/PvP Hunter Traps & Quagmire changed their target to enemy only. Traps skill like Ankle Snare & Spider Web stop effects in GvG/WoE make units stop immediately. Skill 1 Item Requirement Added. Crimson Fire Formation (Skill ID# 535, iRO Name: Blaze Shield) - 1 Flame Stone Added AtCommand. Suggested by @marcusiixiv#1308 @feelreset - Resets a Star Gladiator's marked maps. Enabled @go @warp on some Episode 13 Maps. Manuk Town & Field Splendide Town & Field.
  13. Happy Valentines
  14. Body Sprites Guide Open your Data.Ini . Located in your Light RO folder. Remove The " # " then save. The Body Sprite. Should be Transcended now instead of Third Job. If you want to revert back to Third Job Suit. Add the " # " again. then save.
  15. Battle Royal Event Same style as survival games. Only Lv.1 Novice can participate. Store all important items or delete / sell them at NPC's @br to join the event. You will be spawned in a map (random coor) & recieve some magnifier Random Item box will respawn when the event starts. Destroy the Boxes to get guns, ammo , headgear , armor & potion. Last person standing win the game. Event starts automatically @ 10:00PM (GMT+8) After WoE.