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Homunculus System

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Official iRO Guide - Click this link for official Guide

Create or Purchase Embryo on Misc NPC ( veil 103 108 )

Use Call Homunculus skill - this will consume your embryo, the homunculus will be random.

Max Lv. of Homunculus is 255.

You can view your Homunculus info by pressing "Alt + R"

When the Homunculus' Intimacy is Loyal, use a Stone of Sage / @homfriendly (simply double click it) to evolve it. There is no level condition in order to evolve it. With evolution, the Homunculus will obtain a random bonus for each of its stats, increased Max HP and Max SP and a new form.

After evolving, the Homunculus' Intimacy resets to 10 (Hate). Once its Intimacy reaches 910 again (1 point before Loyal), a fourth, new skill is unlocked.


Manual Functions

Here is a listing of all manual functions with the Default AI. In general, there will be no need for any other manual functions in most Custom AIs.

Alt + Single Right Click: Target monster
Alt + Double Right Click: Attack monster
Alt + T: Standby, Idle/Passive mode, cancels all commands and returns to master
Alt + Right Click Ground: Move to location (15 tile range)
Alt + R: Information window

Homunculus Commands

@homlevel <+/- amount>
Changes homunculus level by the specified amount.  

@homfriendly <0-1000>

Sets the intimacy level of your homunculus, with 1000 being "Loyal".


Evolves your homunculus, if possible. If it doesn't work, the /swt emotion is shown.

Mutates your homunculus. If no Homunculus ID is specified for @hommutate, a random ID is chosen. 

If it doesn't work, the /swt emotion is shown.

4 Types of Pre - Evolution Homunculus

There are 4 types of Homunculi with various attributes unique to each.



Homunculus Evolution

Vanil2.gif  Vanil-e2.gif Filir2.gif  Filir-e2.gif Lif2.gif  Lif-e2.gif Amistr2.gif  Amistr-e2.gif


Vanil.gif  Vanil-e1.gif Filir.gif  Filir-e1.gif Lif.gif  Lif-e1.gif Amistr.gif  Amistr-e1.gif


  • Lif (support caster) - more of a novelty character. Its skills are fairly worthless and offer nothing to the player other than a walking speed boost that will be replaced anyways as a Geneticist with Cart Boost. Its attack is low, has no burst attacks, and its healing skill, Healing Hands, does not heal much and is generally not worth using. It is strongly advised NOT to use it as a base, as it generally has no practical use.
  • Amistr (defensive melee) - generally the best base for a Homunculus S but also the second slowest to level and feed due to the lack of offensive skills, and choosing to acquire Blood Lust would require feeding the Amistr to loyal twice. Its Amistr Bulwark skill is very valuable for MVPing later on as it boosts VIT and even offer some defense that can be useful for PvP. Players with A LOT of free time to level and feed a homunculus should go with Amistr, as the payoff in the end will be more than worth it. However, avoid it if spending a longer time leveling and all the extra feeding time does not sound like an ideal situation.
  • Filir (offensive melee) - generally the fastest leveling Homunculus in most situations, and the most helpful for speed leveling a Homunculus S up to the required level for certain skills. The big downside is the lack of VIT, which carries over to Homunculus S, making it quite frustrating sometimes to level due to it dying too much. Another tradeoff is that depending on the Homunculus S chosen, it may not reach high enough VIT for stun immunity. For players with less time to level a Homunculus, Filir is definitely a good choice. Its loyal evolved skill, S.B.R.44, is usually skipped as it is not terribly useful.
  • Vanilmirth (offensive spellcaster) - the in-between solution to Amistr and Filir. It offers the high VIT and Max HP, has a decent offensive skill, but has lower burst attack compared to Filir, making it slower for leveling in some situations. Its Caprice skill can be unreliable, as it picks a random property to use. It is a solid choice though for all players to use as a base, and many players skip the loyal evolved skill, Self-Destruction, as it is not used very often. It is also desirable as a base for a Homunculus S, for players who plan on becoming pure brewers, because Instruction Change increases the brewing success rate.


Types of Homunculus S




Wind and Neutral damage dealer. Eira's Eraser Cutter and Xeno Slasher's damage are based on ATK. The skill level determines its element (Neutral at Lv 2 and 4, Wind at Lv 1, 3, and 5).
Eira's buff skill (Overed Boost) increase Flee and ASPD of Eira itself and its owner, at the cost of reducing its Hunger level. Using Overed Boost will cause Eira to require more frequent feeding but that also means its Intimacy can be increased faster than other Homunculus. Eira also has an auto-resurrection skill that reduces Intimacy points (Light of Regen), and a healing skill that may inflict Silence on the target (Silent Breeze).



Holy damage dealer. Stahl Horn is Neutral by default, single target, and based on ATK. Heilage Stange is a Holy AoE and based on MATK.

Bayeri's buff skills and defensive skills (Goldene Ferse, Angriffs Modus, Stein Wand) are instacast. Its offensive skills have fixed cast time and are interruptible.


Poison and Neutral damage dealer. Sera's Needle of Paralysis is based on ATK may cause an enemy to be unable to move. Its Poison Mist is a Poison AoE that slowly damages and inflicts Blind on enemies.

Sera's Pain Killer makes mobbing enemies very possible, due to the reduction on normal attacks. Sera's Summon Legion is also useful as additional DPS and for Plant-type monsters that take 1 damage from any attack. It is possible to use Summon Legion Lv 5, 3, and 1 simultaneously.


Fire damage dealer. Lava Slide is a Fire AoE based on ATK. Dieter can also endow itself and its owner's attacks with Fire element and increase both their physical attack damage using Pyroclastic.

Dieter's debuff skill (Volcanic Ash) can cause enemies' attacks to miss frequently, their skills may also fail to activate at 50% chance, and cause enemies to receive 150% more damage from Fire element attacks. Dieter's defensive skill (Granitic Armor) temporarily reduce the damage received by the owner and Dieter itself.


Single target, Neutral element DPS.
Eleanor has no buff skills and is best suited for 1v1 fights.

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