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Server Update

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GvG/PvP Hunter Trapswz_quagmire.pngQuagmire changed their target to enemy only.

Traps skill like ht_anklesnare.png Ankle Snare & pf_spiderweb.png Spider Web stop effects in GvG/WoE make units stop immediately.

Skill 1 Item Requirement Added.

nj_kaensin.png Crimson Fire Formation (Skill ID# 535, iRO Name: Blaze Shield) - 7521.png 1 Flame Stone


Added AtCommand.

Suggested by @marcusiixiv#1308

@feelresetResets a Star Gladiator's marked maps.


Enabled @go @warp on some Episode 13 Maps.

  • Manuk Town & Field
  • Splendide Town & Field.

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